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 My Sister in law was visiting us from Canada after her lovely daughter Anjana was born.She wanted to do a baby portrait photography for her to capture her beautiful baby moments.So we both started discussing on the kinds of shots that she was interested in and I started the plan for my next baby photography shoot. We did not plan for the shoot during initial days of her visit as we felt she will be in Jet lag and also gave her time to get used to new place.


Based on the discussions we nailed down the themes and props required for the shoot and my Sister in law had brought various colorful dresses for her which went very well with the themes and props we had planned.The shoot went really well and relaxed as per the plan we had and Anjana was a doll throughout the shoot.


Here are some of the themes covered for her ,initially started taking pics along with her brother Aakash who also played a major role  in helping Anjana pose for the pictures.Then we finished the family portraits and then we gave her a break for a small nap.Then we covered other themes like beach wear,ethnic,closeups,candids etc.


Finally my Sister in law wanted a generation picture to show four generations(her grandmother,her mother,herself,Anjana) all in one snap.Though her granny could not make it to the studio we had to click the picture separately and photoshop it later.Overall the shoot went as per planned and it was wonderful having the shoot for her baby.


She also printed few wall mounted canvases from the shoot to hang them on the wall in Canada.She was overall impressed with the baby portrait photography shoot done for her and everyone in the family appreciated the photos and the album.