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Varsha and Shyam wanted to capture their son’s Aparajith precious moments and started discussing with me on how we can go about the newborn baby photos shoot. I told them initially we can do the first shoot to capture cute baby photos when he is three months old and the next shoots at 6 and 12 months. They were very much excited with the plan and decided to do the first shoot. I started discussing with Varsha about the baby’s schedule to do my photo shoot planning and also shared some images of babies that I had shot in the past. She wanted to do the photo shoot at her place and I wanted to ensure that we have enough natural light sources as for babies I shoot mostly using natural light. Varsha was also worried if her son will cooperate and I gave her the confidence that he will and we will do the shoot completely based on his comfort and give him constant breaks.

Aparajith Newborn Baby photos Shoot

We had planned for a Sunday shoot so that we can do things at leisure and I landed up at their apartment as per the schedule we had discussed. Aparajith was looking so cute and I could not resist to start capturing his beautiful smile. I started clicking some initial pictures to check on the natural light and I was happy with the outcome. We captured Aparajith’s beautiful smile with some diaper shots and then later moved to crochet costumes. He was looking awesome in all the crochet costumes and we did Snail, Tortoise, Mickey Mouse, Honey bee crochet shots. Aparajith took breaks in the middle and got some nap. In the next round we did frog hat, monkey hat, owl hat crochet costumes. Looking at the initial outcome direct in the camera Varsha was very excited.

We covered more than 15 themes and in the last we did the family shoot and took some beautiful pictures with Varsha and Shyam. Aparajith gave some great poses with his grandparents. We winded up the shoot with Lord Krishna costume and the cute little innocent Krishna gave us some great smiling poses. I had shot more than 1000 pics and from the whole lot I chose the best pictures and started my editing work flow. I showed the first cut of the edited pictures and she loved it and started sharing the pictures with her circle and I was very happy to see the feedback that was received from her network. In parallel I was working with the photo book design and shared the design with Varsha. She had suggested some suggestions to move some pictures around and when I had the book at my hands I loved every bit of it and I passed it to Varsha. Varsha and Shyam loved my work and mentioned that we will do our next shoot at sixth month they will be scheduling the next shoot when he is 6 months old.

I was very happy with the baby images and the outcome and when the parents walk out with a smile with full satisfaction I feel happy that I have done my job well. Here are some picture from the newborn baby photos shoot. Take a look at them and do share your feedback in comments section.