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 Being a maternity photographer in Chennai, whenever my client’s call for their pregnancy photo shoot enquiry the first question that they ask is what is the best time to have maternity photo shoot done and what are the best dress to wear for maternity photography shoot.

Best time for maternity shoot

The best time for pregnancy shoot is around 7th month end or 8th month beginning. This is time period where bump will show out very well. Since maternity bump is the focus of the shoot I suggest my clients to schedule their shoots around this time period when the tummy is nice and round. Again this will vary with each maternity depending upon the weight you gain. The thumb rule is depending upon your own maternity growth you can schedule the shoot when the baby tummy shows out very well


Costumes to wear for maternity shoot

The next big question that my client’s ask is what to wear for the shoot. I suggest them to wear what they are comfortable with. Bring the costumes that will show your personality very well. That said I suggest them to wear solid colours and if possible try to avoid colours like yellow, lemon green, pink as these colours are not captured truly by most of the digital cameras and when the photos go for print you will notice a shift in these colours.


Try to avoid some loose fits as they will not get the bump line very well and something that shows your bump line will work out best. Also avoid patterns and costumes that distracts the attention of the bump and hence solid colours are best for the shoot where the full focus goes to bump.If you are planning for bare bump shots then avoid costumes that leaves any impressions on your skin. Also try to wear minimal Jewellery as that will be distracting and will take away the focus from the bump. For your partners they can wear any Jeans pants or dark pants and ask them to wear some dark coloured t-shirts or soft plain white or cotton shirts.

Bottom line wear something that is comfortable for both of you so that you both glow during your maternity photo shoot. If you are in Chennai and looking for a maternity photographer in Chennai you can contact me to capture your precious maternity moments.

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