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Abhiyukth’s Specialized Baby Shoot Ideas

Abhiyukth’s mom wanted to do a specialized baby shoot for her 9 month old son and had shared her baby shoot ideas with me. She had invited me to her place to do the shoot. I was well prepared and landed at her place with all the setup and props required for the shoot. I reached their place on time and did the initial setup and immediately after the setup Abhiyukth went to sleep. During the break I was going through ... Read more

Niveditha and Pranav’s Creative kids pictures

I love shooting kids, toddlers and new born. Whenever I get a new photo shoot scheduled I start my planning right away by knowing the kids interests and design my themes for photo-shoot based on their interests. In every shoot my goal is to do some creative ideas to get some unique and cute kids pictures. I got a call last week from Durga to capture some beautiful kids pictures  of her daughter Niveditha who is 6 years old and her ... Read more

Kanishk and Prithwin’s Pictures of super heroes

Kavitha had called me and wanted to do a photo shoot for her kids. She told me that her elder son Kanishk who is 8 years old loves super heroes and wanted to get himself dressed up as super Heroes and get some pictures of super heroes. She was not sure how her younger son Prithwin who is two years old would react in front of the camera. They dropped in at my place on Sunday morning around 11 AM and ... Read more

Sidhiksha Toddler Photo shoot

Sidhiksha along with her mom and dad had turned up to my studio to capture her beautiful expressions which she can view later and enjoy after she grows up. She was one year old and had a beautiful charm and was very active. Initially it was a big challenge for me to make her pose to my camera. (more…) Read more

Kiara’s Photo Shoot

Here's Kiara a cute little doll who is one and half year old toddler.Though the shoot was planned in a short span of time the end result of the photo shoot was amazing.Kiara accompanied by her mom and aunt dropped into my place for a photo shoot. (more…) Read more

Nia’s Toddler Photo Shoot

I enjoyed photographing Nia two year old Toddler.She was so lively and enjoyed the whole session as much as we did and gave us some interesting poses and clicks. Nia's energy levels were pepped up when she started posing in front of the camera and never felt shy and gave us natural poses. (more…) Read more