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Iniya’s mom Raji was looking for new born photographer in Chennai and after deep research she selected JaysFotography to capture her daughter’s precious new born memories. Raji wanted to make sure her daughter’s precious moments were captured in beautiful and creative way to get some cute baby photos of Iniya. She had done lot of research on the poses she wanted to capture during Iniya’s baby photo shoot.

Expectations from a New born Photographer

My first question to her was to find her expectations and she explained what she expected from a new born photographer and I started explaining my ideas and the process that I follow. She wanted the shoot at her location and wanted both Indoor and outdoor shoot. For outdoor she chose the botanical garden for the shoot. I discussed various ideas with her and then based on Raji’s interest I finalized the plan and also shared my ideas so that she can be prepared well for the shoot.

Execution of Iniya’s New born Baby Shoot

I went to her place in the morning and got my setup ready around 9.00 AM and she was just getting ready for her first baby photo shoot. I started her new born baby shoot with some candid moments of Iniya and started clicking while she was doing her breakfast.

I was impressed with the way Iniya started posing for the camera and she was not annoyed by the clicks and she was very comfortable with me and started playing with me at ease. I started clicking various poses using the props that Raji had selected and whenever we felt Iniya was tired we gave her a break in between so that she does not get cranky.

We covered all the themes as planned and the overall Indoor shoot lasted for around three hours. I took a break and told Raji that we will meet at 5 PM in the evening for outdoor shoot. We all assembled as per the schedule and Iniya was looking fresh after a sound afternoon nap and was ready for the next round. We dressed her up in an angel costume with fairy wings and she was looking very cute and I started clicking her candid moments. We winded up the shoot when the light was fading and I was very happy with the way Iniya’s new born photography event turned out and I asked Raji and Iniya’s grand parents how they felt about the whole shoot. They were thrilled on how things progressed and told me that they just can’t wait to see the final product. When I delivered the final product to them all of them were flying high and I was very happy to see their bright faces and I was completely satisfied looking at their happiness. I am sharing some moments captured from Iniya’s new born photography shoot. If you are looking for a new born photographer in Chennai contact me to capture your baby’s precious moments.

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  • Raji

    Jayshree is simply superb. Very talented. I was wondering how a photoshoot of a baby can be made but Jayshree was very experienced in handling the baby and was were very patient towards my baby. Iniya enjoyed the whole shoot. The clips were simply superb and my little princess was darzling. Thanks you Jay.