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New Born Photography

The best emotions of the baby can be captured immediately after they are born and in general the new born photography session can be planned within their first year. The new born photography  session will be relaxed and comfortable and the whole session will be paced upon depending on their feeding and sleeping schedule. Various props will be used to capture beautiful and artistic photos of your new born.

The new  born photography shoot can be planned both indoor and outdoor. For babies less than 6 month’s I do only indoor photo shoot and for babies around one year we can plan for outdoor shots also. I shoot with both natural and studio lights. Indoor shoots can be executed at your residence and outdoor shoots at any locations of your choice within the city.

The best time to schedule the new born photo shoot is within the first month after baby is born . Newborns under one month old are mostly sleepy and easy to handle.  If they are fed and kept in warm rooms, babies don’t mind that they are being held for a while during the photo session. During their first month they curl up with their legs tucked under and their tiny little hands like to be up by their face which will  result in some some beautiful poses

You can choose from the below packages or can create a custom package to suit your requirements.


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