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Sanskrithi’s mom had contacted me for a kids photo shoot for her daughter at my place and shared her inputs and the themes she was interested for the shoot. She also showed me some of her pictures taken by herself which gave me a clue on what kind of themes that she is interested in. I gave her the photos shoot ideas and dresses that she can bring in for the shoot along with the themes and I drafted a plan for the shoot and shared with her. Sanskrithi and her mom along with her grandparents had dropped in at my place. I started playing with Sanskrithi for her to get used with me so that my photo shoot process will become easy.

Initially Sanskrithi was tough in front of camera but as time progressed she was getting more comfortable and started giving more natural poses. We covered various princess themes and then we did various shots in her own costumes which her mom had purchased for the shoot. We also did Thomas and Cow boy shoot which I normally do only for toddler boys or kids, but her mom was specific and was interested in those themes as well. We dressed her up like Lord Krishna and got some beautiful shots. I had got a saree costume for kids and she was the first to pose with the costume and she looked gorgeous and lovely n saree costume. No wonder the saree costume is the best for ladies whether they are young or old. We winded up the shoot with some family shots and outdoor shot at park nearby.

Sanskrithi’s mom was very eager to find how the photo’s had turned up and was checking with me on the progress during the editing process and I kept her updated on the outcome. Once the editing was completed I shared the photos and the photo book . Everyone at their family had liked the photos and I was very happy with the outcome and my client’s feedback gave me an inner smile. I am posting some of the shots from  Sanskrithi’s kids photo shoot. Browse through the photos and give me your feedback.


  • shan

    Was surfing your site sometime now. Completely satisfied with Sanskriti’s photoshoot as i was deeply moved by the involvement from you in making the shoot a successful one. Never imagined that i will get such a cooperating environment. Thanks for Krishna Dress and Saree which you made it in a very short time. Many thanks and can never forget your wonderful shoot!